Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello, World

Hi! My name is Nick Homenda and I have taken over this blog. I am the new Music Librarian for Audio and Digital Services at the University of South Carolina Music Library. You can read more about me here. I am excited to be here, and hope to blog about what's going on in the Music Library on a regular basis. We have been very busy over the summer, so the next few posts will feature some of the great things we have done to make the Music Library a better place.

New Collaborative Study Space

We have been busy improving the Music Library this summer, and we hope you like what we have done! One thing we are especially excited about is our new collaborative study space on the ground floor. Where there were previously a lot of listening carrels, now we have an open, inviting space with lots of seating for group study, collaborative work, and space to spread out a lot of music.

We left a few carrels in place for anyone who wants to listen to a CD, watch a DVD or VHS tape, or look at some microfilm in the library. If you are wondering what happened to the other carrels, we decided to move them upstairs to provide a lot more space for quiet, individual study.

Look for more posts in the coming weeks about other exciting things that happened over the summer!