Thursday, September 4, 2008

Music to keep you motivated

On most of the students that work here at the Music Library, the look of happiness and excitement for the fall semester has turned into a look of questioning, tiredness, and wishing that fall break would hurry up and get here. It's sort of that mid-way lull that happens in every semester. So, I thought I'd survey the student employees to see what music keeps them motivated or helps them to stay focused when studying. Check some of these out and see if they help you too!

Chanticleer "Out of this World"
CD 1390

American Variations
CD 1956

New Century Saxophone Quartet "Art of the Fugue"
CD 7175

Brahms' Symphony no.4 (First and Last Movements)
CD 5044

Carmina Burana
CD 4952

Dvorak Stabat Mater
CD 3597

Bach "French Suites" performed by Glenn Gould
CD 4153

If you have specific CDs that you like to help you study or that motivate you, let me know! Click here to email Ashlie!

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