Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Compact disc 7806 Discs 1-4
On a personal note, this CD set is my absolute favorite. When it is checked out around the holidays, I'll even settle for Compact Disc 1344, "On Yoolis night" which is an earlier release of one of the discs in the Noël set. I don't think I would've made it through finals week in my last Master's degree without this CD set. Please check it out when you get the chance!

Compact disc 8621
A holiday note from home
If you like your Christmas to have some swing, this CD is a must!

Compact Disc 3530
A rose in winter
If you like to stick to traditional sacred music for the holidays, this CD is perfect!

Compact Disc 2780
Winter pages ; Bright music
If chamber music, or to be more specific, 20th century quintet music is your genre of choice, check out Ned Rorem's Winter Pages on this CD. It's all composed around winter-themed poetry. The liner notes go into detail, and make for a very interesting read.

Compact disc 4165
A mind of winter
Another piece in a similar vein is George Benjamin's A Mind of Winter on this CD. It is a setting of Wallace Stevens's "The Snow Man," for soprano and chamber orchestra. If you like 20th century music, you'll find this a nice piece!

Compact disc 2445

In a cold winter's night
If you like more traditional (and by traditional, I mean Renaissance period/sounding music), then you'll like this CD. There are some 20th century pieces, and even some pieces of North and South American origin. This is a can't miss CD.

Compact Disc 9645
The winter trombone
Something old, something new, something trombone....something blue. This CD starts off with Vivaldi's "Winter" from The Four Seasons, Op. 8 No. 4, which fills the "old" category. Something new (and blue) would be Roland's Blue Winter. As you can guess, the entirety of the CD is trombone music, and for a non-brass player, I found it quite enjoyable!

Compact disc 9124
Merry : a holiday journey
If you like your Christmas music to be more intimate or slightly "folky," then you'll like this CD. I swear I've heard this playing in the background of a Starbucks before.

Compact disc 7752 Discs 1-2
Essential carols : the very best of King's College Choir, Cambridge.
If you like your Christmas carols sung by a large choir and preferably in a large hall, this two-CD set is for you! It contains well-known classics and some songs you might discover for the first time! Some of these songs have a chant-like quality that would make them perfect for relaxing around finals week.

Compact Disc 2942
Christmas Star
This CD is filled with the tried and true Christmas classic carols like "Silent Night," and some that may be new to you, such as "Lo, How a Rose e'er Blooming."

Happy Holidays from the Music Library!

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