Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feminist Theory and Music

Conference Announcement

Feminist Theory and Music 11 (Eleven): Looking Backward and Forward (20th Anniversary)

September 22-25, 2011
School of Music
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona

Scholars interested in feminist theory in music are invited to attend FTM11.
The purpose of this conference is to consider the past, current, and potential contributions of women to music and to advance the philosophical, theoretical, and practical basis of feminist theory in music. The conference will provide a forum for this growing body of scholarship and for discussions among those engaging in feminist research.

A call for papers and other presentations is forthcoming. The conference program will feature keynote speeches, paper presentations, lecture recitals, and concerts. Themes include pioneers, women exploring digital arts, eco-musics, as well as music and healing.

Conference coordinators: Jill Sullivan and Sabine Feisst, School of Music, Arizona State University.
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