Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Youth and Music Exhibit

From November through the end of December 2011, the Music Library is featuring special collections items in an exhibit titled "Youth and Music." Throughout the history of classical music, composers have written works to be performed by children, for young audiences' enjoyment, or inspired by memories of youth. Furthermore, much of music history has been distilled for young audiences into educational books about famous composers' lives.

"Youth and Music" features composers Debussy, Bartรณk, and Handel, child prodigy violinist Camilla Urso, and instructional books about music history and performing in church choirs. The exhibit is located in the upstairs exhibit case in the Music Library, which is located on the second and third floors of the University of South Carolina School of Music.

[Photographs by Kathy Dowell]

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John Kenneth Adams said...

So nice to see the Debussy score used so thoughtfully. Somewhere in my collection are books of children's music from various countries I have visited. I brought these back for Nell Sins to use in her music education courses.