Friday, October 30, 2009

Google + Music

Google's new music search brings lots of different music content from all over the web straight to you! You can search for an artist, album name, song name, or even a line of lyrics. The search results bring you an audio clip so you can make sure you're listening to the right tune. It can also introduce you to music you might like based on what you're searching for. In short, if you're familiar with Myspace, iLike, Lala, Gracenote, Pandora, imeem, or Rhapsody, you'll love this search.

So here's the actual Google music search page:

Google's Music Search

If you're really interested, TechCrunch has a great article on all the details of how this search works.

Take note: if you Google "google music search," you might come across a page that looks like this:
fake Google music search
This is NOT the new Google music search. It is supposedly a customized version, but the results are in no way similar.
Search results

Hope you try this new resource.
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