Monday, November 2, 2009

Naxos' Opera Channel

A while back I was looking for various videos on Youtube to add to our various LibGuides. I found Naxos' jazz playlist, chock full of fantastic jazz videos. Browsing through the non-jazz videos they'd posted, I wondered why they didn't have an opera playlist-especially with the high amount of videos they had uploaded.

Being the ever-eager social media participant that I am, I tweeted to @NaxosRecords asking if they could please make an opera playlist. They're super busy folks, but they responded, and actually made this playlist!

Naxos' Opera Playlist
Thanks to all the great folks at Naxos who put this together.
Once you've finished watching their videos, visit the Naxos Music Library. [This link to Naxos Music Library works for USC students, faculty, and staff only.]

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