Friday, January 22, 2010

Did you know?

In our Digital Sheet Music Project, we have sheet music for two relatively unknown and controversial Disney movies?

Image courtesy of wikimedia.
Sheet Music 2812 is "Sooner or Later (You're Gonna be Comin' Around)" from the Disney film Song of the South. Song of the South has never been fully released on VHS or DVD in the United States because the content is considered racially insensitive.

Image courtesy of wikimedia.
Sheet Music 580 is "Der Fuehrer's Face" from the Disney anti-Nazi propaganda cartoon "Donald Duck in Nutziland." (This cartoon is also referred to as "Der Fuhrer's Face," "Nuttsey Land," and "Donald Duck in Nutzi Land.")

Because these were published in 1946 and 1942 respectively, they are not in the public domain and are not digitized in the Digital Sheet Music Project. However, you're welcome to visit the Music Library and use them while you're here! Contact a librarian for more information.

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