Friday, January 8, 2010

Guest post

From our recently graduated student employee, Patricia S.:

Four Fabulous Music Blogs

Unquiet Thoughts
Alex Ross, music critic of The New Yorker, provides thoughtful commentary on the important, the interesting, the beautiful and the downright wacky things that are happening Right Now in the world of music. Ross' blog runs the gamut from Bach to Bjork and manages to cover just about everything in between on the way. While you're at it, check out (literally) his book The Rest Is Noise, a Pulitzter Prize finalist that offers reasons for the musical madness that made the 20th century. You can find it at the Music Library here.

All Songs Considered Blog: NPR
Even if you don't listen to NPR's show of the same title, this blog is a great resource for finding new artists and tracks to listen to while you're writing that music history paper, those counterpoint exercises or when you need a break from Mozart. Check out the Discover Songs tab for a quick route into the world of pop/folky/rock/alternative goodness that is NPR.

Pierre Ruhe at
For something closer to home, head over to Pierre Ruhe's blog at Arts Critic Atlanta where Ruhe keeps tabs on the local classical music scene as well as reviewing CDs and DVDs (in the spirit of full disclosure: some reviews are written by others). Was BelAir Classics' "Rite of Spring" any good? Is Minkowski a convincing conductor of Bach's B minor mass? Ruhe can tell you all this and more.

and, just for fun:
Greatest Classical CD Covers Ever from Too Many Tristans
This may seriously be the greatest music blog of all time. To whet your appetite here's a description of a Kenneth Klein/Gerald Robbins/Moscow Philharmonic recording: "The tragic sequel to yesterday's kidnapping cover. Klein is now in full Stockholm Syndrome mode and onboard with Robbins. Will Klein pull a Patty Hearst? Only time will tell. Hopefully, striking bizarre poses on album covers is the worst these two get up to."

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